How Can You Make The Most Of Your Corporate Vacation In Goa?

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If we were to give away the award of ‘People’s choice’ for holiday destinations, it would definitely be Goa. It is the most popular and sought after tourist destinations of India. The place has got all sorts of attractions, adventures, culture and experience. This also makes it a popular destination for business getaways and corporate events. For an organisation that invests in its employees and likes taking business out of the office place, Goa is definitely the place for a retreat to escape the exhausting work schedule. If you and your office folks are planning on a corporate holiday in Goa, here are some fantastic tips to make it even more exciting.

Staying at a resort

If you have plans of organisation a brief business event in Goa, you would be thrilled to find a lovely collection of lavish halls and meeting rooms in North Goa. You can delight your guests and colleagues with the succulent Goan cuisine, amuse them with the events and have a great time talking business and enjoying your holidays.

Let’s hit the waters

If you are a bunch of adventurous people who would love the thrilling water sports, the Goa beaches have got an enormous collection of those. You can try motor boating, surfing, paragliding, snorkelling, cruising… the list is too long to fit in here. You could also stay on the beach and play beach games like volleyball, limbo, tug of war etc. You could also plan for a wonderful evening cruise on the Mandovi River, where you host your private cruise party or enjoy the gorgeous view.

Discovering the heritage

The Goan landscape is full of enthralling historical sites that are worth visiting. There are the remains of numerous forts and palaces from that are centuries old like the Aguada Fort and the Chapora Fort, and then there are some extremely beautiful churches and temples that date back to the 16th century. If you are really excited to explore the history of Goa, there are many heritage museums that showcase artefacts from the ancient times and give you a sense of Goa’s fascinating history.

Thrilling adventures amidst nature

Goa is blessed with an abundance of natural attractions that are loved by tourists. If your team is willing to go on a trek, it is going to be a lifetime experience. There are a number of popular trails in the hills around Goa and each of these presents the gorgeous flora and fauna along with breath-taking views of the landscape. Some of the popular ones are the Todo Waterfalls, Dughsagar Falls and Keri to Arambol Trails. You should definitely add Bongala Wildlife Sanctuary and Ponda Spice Plantation to your list.

Enjoying the night at the club

The Goa vacation is incomplete unless you have enjoyed the Goan nightlife and visited the clubs. Known as the ‘Party Capital of India’, Goa is home to a large number of clubs and are responsible for a significant share of tourists. The clubs offer a unique experience with the amazing ambience, delicious food and booze and thrilling music, making it an evening well spent.

 ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’. With that said, if you are planning to organise a corporate outing, the Hard Rock Hotel is one of the most popular and trusted destinations for corporate accommodation in Goa. Along with warm hospitality and a pleasing experience, with your Goa hotel booking here, you could also enjoy some great deals and benefits.

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Popular cafes and restaurants of Goa that you must visit for an exciting Goa vacation experience

Goa has always been one of the trendiest and most sought-after vacation destinations among adventurous tourists. Popular known as the ‘Party Capital of India’, Goa has the prestigious collections of clubs, beaches, ancient monuments, natural expedition sites and more. Though we usually listen about the popular clubs, beaches and parties, Goa is also home to some of the absolutely fabulous cafes one must pick for dining while here in Goa. For the foodies looking for a gastronomical retreat while on their vacation, check out some of these amazing cafes and best restaurants in Goa.

Hard Rock Restaurant

Hard rock cafe.jpg
Situated in Calangute, the Hard Rock hotel is among the trendiest locations of Goa. Known for its ambience, exciting events and fantastic experience, the Hard Rock Restaurant is a destination that you must have on your itinerary. You can find a number of musical events and social gatherings being organised here and you have a great evening enjoying the amazing food and alongside.

Blue Planet Café

Blue Planet Café.jpgIf you are at Agonda craving for some delighting cuisine, the open-fronted dining lounge at the Blue Planet Café is surely someplace to be at. Surrounded by lush paddy fields and amidst the forested valleys of Goa, the café offers an elegant ambience and cherishing culinary experience. The menu is full of refreshing and innovative offering like the red rice chapatti, coconut cake and some exciting options for vegan milkshakes and salads that would delight your taste buds.

Café Bodega

Café Bodega.jpgFor the visitors who love to explore the Goan heritage in its museums and monuments, the capital city, Panjim is the right destination for you. In this beautiful city is the Café Bodega at the Sunaparanta Centre of Arts. It is an exotic restaurant of Panjim that serves you with a serene ambience and some fabulous food options. The cakes, waffles and sandwiches of this café are quite popular. So, you should definitely take up a casual dining trip to Café Bodega and explore the interiors of the Arts Centre.

Urban Café

Urban Café.jpgThe cosy atmosphere and solitude of the Urban Café in Panjim have made it a popular hang-out place among freelancers. The ambience of this twin storey café is quite soothing and hence a perfect place to enjoy the calm while savouring the delicious preparations and chatting with your friends. The place provides you with an amazing getaway from your busy lives and spend some quality time doing what you love.

Baker’s Studio

Baker’s Studio.jpg

The Baker’s Studio on Tito’s lane is the best of the best Baga beach restaurants to enjoy a slow morning after an enthralling party night at the nightclubs. Enjoy the delicious breakfast treats at the Baker’s Studio and take the edge off of your handover.

From amazing coffees and shakes to crispy sandwiches and pizzas, the cafes in Goa have a lot to offer for its tourists. With a unique blend of local flavours and exciting cuisines, these cafes are a great addition to the exotic Goa experience. So, make your vacation a little more special and add these to your itinerary.

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Few Reasons To Visit Goa This Summer With Your Family

Goa is one of the most popular tourist attractions in India and the peak season to visit this place in December when the entire city peps up to celebrate New Year. However, if you want to enjoy secluded beaches and rain-soaked palm and coconut trees creating a magnificent landscape with a pleasant weather, the pre-monsoon is the best time to visit Goa. So, find out the best accommodation in north Goa and tug along your kids for a fun vacation this summer.

Goa This Summer With Your Family.jpg

Advantages and disadvantages of visiting Goa in June

  • Less crowded beaches: Most tourists flock in during the peak season of December-January every year. The whole city and suburbs get alive to welcome the tourists and numerous events are organized on the beaches. In summer, the weather is hot and unpleasant so most tourists stay off from visiting Goa during this time. The beaches are less crowded and cleaner with a handful of tourists.
  • Awesome weather: In June, clouds gather over the clear blue sky and bring in some relief and the temperature drops with frequent rains. If you enjoy monsoons, then visiting Goa in June is a great option as the green landscape and a pleasant weather will calm your nerves. In July-August, when the monsoon is at its fullest form, the country roads may be a bit risky for driving. So, June is the best time to savour the best of Goa with a relaxed mind.
  • Cheaper rates: In the winter season, Goa welcomes thousands of tourists every year and the hotels and resorts are fully occupied. The rates are naturally higher in winter as it is the peak season and the accommodation is scarce. In the off-season, the hotels offer subsidized rates to attract customers so it can be a budget-friendly trip if you plan to visit Goa in June.
  • Water sports: All kinds of water sports and fun activities are available in the beaches of Goa in the peak seasons. However, in other months, there are hardly any kinds of recreation and adventure sports activities available. So, if you are looking for having some fun with various water sports along with your kids, you will be disappointed.
  • Beach shacks: Most popular beach shacks offering authentic Goan cuisines in South Goa are shut down in the off-season. But the bigger beach shacks and permanent restaurants in Goa are open all through the year so you can still enjoy local cuisines at these joints, especially in North Goa.
  • Events & parties: If you love the late night parties and fun-filled events with the vibrant crowd and groovy music then you will miss them at this time of the year. With a limited number of tourists and foreigners visiting in June, there are no beach parties and very fewer events organized during this time.

Why visit Goa in June?

If you compare the list of pros and cons, you might be able to decide whether to visit Goa in this June or not. If you are travelling with kids, then this will be the perfect time as you will be able to explore the beauty of the beaches and nearby tourist attractions comfortably as there are very few tourists. The beaches are clean and calm and it is the perfect time to spend some quality time with your family and enjoy the sunset while relaxing on the sand.

Looking Forward To A Summer Getaway? Let’s Visit Goa

The summers are coming and it’s the perfect time to plan a vacation to some pleasant destination. If you are looking ahead to cheat the heat and give yourself from a relief from the scorching sun, Goa might be the perfect spot for you. The land that is popular for its tranquil beaches, mesmerizing nature, thrilling parties, renowned events and much more, being here in Goa is quite an experience. Apart from being the ‘Party Capital of India’, Goa is quite famous for its fascinating history, culture and lifestyle too; making it a fabulous place to choose for a holiday. May you should start looking for the five star hotels North Goa, because after reading the following list, you won’t be able to control your excitement.

Great time to hit the beach

Summer Getaway.png

Goa’s beaches are the most elegant component of its beautiful nature. While at other times of the year it is a little too crowded, during the summer one can peacefully admire the heart stealing sights and enjoy the calm. Also, one could take a swim in the sea or relax for a short well in the sun. Just make sure you have your sunblock before you head to the beach.

Adrenaline rush and thee sports

Adrenaline rush and thee sports

For the folks who love to fill their life with thrilling experiences and have a special attraction for water sports, there is no better time than this to be in Goa. While the crowd has faded, the water sports are still running. With a plethora of options, one can try everything from jet skiing, scuba diving and parasailing to snorkel-ling and windsurfing. The weather is perfect to have an amazing experience with these sports.

Summer festivities in Goa

Summer festivities in Goa.png

When talking about the ‘Party Capital’, one can be sure to expect some or the other event happening. But, during the months from March through May, a festive spirit spreads across Goa. Cultural celebrations like Shigmo – celebrates Goa’s culture with music, dance and parades, Grape Escapade – wine festival, Goa Heritage festival, Goan Food and Music Festival etc. are an extravagant experience to be a part of.

Natural Retreat

Natural Retreat.png

Around this time, someone who admires nature would feel delighted to be here in Goa. One can engage themselves into nature expeditions like the ones to the Arvalem Caves, walks to the spice plantations, backwater kayaking on Zueri and Nerul River, enthralling treks at the popular waterfalls like DudhSagar Falls and the astonishing flora and fauna at the various National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Pamper yourselves and your body

Pamper yourselves and your body.png

During summers, a number of yoga retreats are organised at various resorts and beaches; and are a delighting experience for the travellers who cherish body wellness and relaxing activities. If not this, and you are somebody who loves to pamper yourselves with food; the Goan cuisine would surely put you at cloud nine.

Shopping madness

Shopping madness.png

The street markets in Goa are nothing less than a shopaholic paradise. There are enormous range of exciting goods to buy; clothes, souvenirs, decorative, spices, handicraft… and the list goes on. And the best thing about summer, the prices drop and so, you can let your shopping madness takeover without making a dent in your pocket

One of the best ways to explore this amazing land is on a bike. One can easily rent one and explore every corner of this place. Portuguese architecture, gorgeous nature, great culture and succulent food – all these together can make your vacation memorable. Check out some cheap hotels in Goa near the beach and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

7 Most Important Points To Remember When Planning A Honeymoon

After the grand wedding, it is the time for a cosy honeymoon for the newlywed couple. As man and wife, this would be your first travel together and you must have a proper planning to make it a memorable one. Once the wedding dates are finalized you must start planning for the most coveted honeymoon together. Ask your tour planner for the best Honeymoon Packages and consider the following tips before you book your tickets.

planning tips honeymoon

Points to remember:

  • Fix a budget: If you are looking forward to a lavish destination wedding you may need to curtail your spending for the honeymoon. However, if you want your honeymoon to be a remarkable one, you can opt for a simple wedding keeping it a private affair involving closed friends and family. Fixing a budget is important as incurring a huge expense for the honeymoon just after the wedding can be quite difficult.
  • Decide on the destination: Select a few options and discuss your preferences for honeymoon destination with your travel agency. Whether you prefer snowy mountains, secluded beaches, adventurous places or luxury cruises, tell them about your preference and they will give you a number of options to choose from.
  • Decide the time and duration: Check your schedule and find out the availability when you can go for the honeymoon. Plan prior and apply for leaves in advance if it is a long trip. If managing time seems tough, you can opt for a short weekend trip and plan for a long vacation later. To book the best room in Goa at a 5-star hotel, you may need to plan early as it might not be available at the last minute.
  • Create a checklist: Once you finalize the plan and book your tickets, prepare a checklist of the things you need to do or the places you need to explore on your honeymoon trip. Planning in advance and having a list ready will help you make the most of your trip with your life partner.
  • Discuss with your partner: It is extremely important to discuss with your partner about the choice of destination and other things. You would never want a miscommunication to spoil the trip or create a misunderstanding between you two. Discussing everything in detail is the key to a healthy relationship in your new life.
  • Prepare for the emergency: Always be prepared for emergencies while on your honeymoon. There can be a delay or cancellation of flights, a bad weather, a robbery or any other unfavourable situation that you may need to face. Keep your calm to avoid an emotional outburst and act smart.
  • Seek advice: If you are not sure about the destination or the right time to visit the place, ask for expert advice. The tour operators are the best people to guide you and if needed, ask for quotes and packages from various agencies to compare the rates and select the best one.

Adequate planning and a good understanding with your partner is vital. Remember this is the first romantic trip together and the precious memories will linger for the rest of your life. Thus, make sure you make the most out of it to make it a huge success and have no regrets about it. A proper planning and a good communication can help you overcome minor obstacles and give you unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime.  

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Romantic places to stay in Goa for valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is a glorious and ravishingly fantastic event for all the lovebirds around the globe. Now since the day of love is on its way soon, why don’t y’all get those love romantic engines running and plan things out? This Valentine’s day, spend quality time with your spouse in one of the most romantic destinations in India – GO GOA, pals!

For an exotic experience in the Honeymoon capital of India, you can start by booking your stay in hotels in Goa for couples. We will help you out to plan the perfect Valentine with your spouse by listing the top 7 romantic things you can do with your spouse in Goa.

Valentine's Day.jpg

  1.    Valentine’s Day Stay-on-Yacht

What can be number one on the list than an opulent evening at a romantic yacht? In this stay-on-yacht, the rooms are decorated with the Valentine’s Day theme so that you can feel the moment. All the arrangements are fabulous. Moreover, you can rent your own yacht or kayaks from yacht clubs in Goa.

  1.    Gaze at the serenity of stars by the Beach

Goa’s beaches are popular all around the world and it is bustling with people in the daytime. But how would it be, if you take a stroll with your spouse in the starlit evening enjoying the serenity of the stars. Are you rooted to the spot by the very idea? You are, right?

  1.    Classy Candle Light Dinner at a Luxury Hotel

Imagine delectable dinner beside the classiness of candle night on the day dedicated to love – Sounds dreamy, right? Now, to top the romance, imagine this candle light dinner by the beach in Goa or by the pool in hotels in goa for couples – That’s the dream! This romantic eve will be cherished by your spouse for years to come.

  1.    Go Goa, Go Dancing!

Do you both lovebirds like your evening to be as cool as it can be? Well, there will be DJ, lights, drinks – endless gala fun. You are going to fall in love with the nightlife of Goa. So, jazz the night away in the best nightclubs in Goa this Valentine’s.

  1.    One-of-its-kind Valentine Getaway

Why do you want to indulge in the usual when you can try something new? This Valentine’s, you can choose to be in the unique shacks on the beachside in strategic locations in Goa such as Morjim. These beach huts will provide you with privacy, serenity and romance with the awe-inspiring backdrop of the endless seas.

  1.    Towards the blues with your soulmate

You can share a hot air balloon ride with your spouse which is organized by the Goa Tourism at Assolda Grounds in Chandor. You will be able to enjoy the scenic beauty of the blues and greens from the sky. This ride is a romantic as well as a relaxing experience – the best way to spend your Valentine’s in Goa.

  1.    Get into the deep holding hands

You must have seen in movies couples spending time inside water when engaging in water sports. Goa offers a lot of such romantic water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, banana ride etc. The view is so beautiful that those moments seem so romantic when you have your spouse with you.

Now that you have known about the ways you can spend your Valentine’s this year, you are gonna wanna go Goa this time. Take out some time and show your spouse how much you care. Make this time of the year the most memorable for your better half. Are you ready to delve deep into the romantic atmosphere of Goa?


Reason to Enjoy Your Holidays in Goa

When planning a wonderful vacation, there is no place that beats Goa. This is the destination well known for its culture and entertainment, enclosed within its gorgeous natural treasures and fascinating historic elements. One can always find people talking about clubs, parties and booze and the beaches. But there is a lot more to this wonderful place which you got to explore for yourself. While you make plans to visit here, there are amazing options for accommodation in Goa which you must consider and Calangute is one such option.

December is the best time to be in Goa with pleasant weather, food, Christmas, plethora of events and the like. It is indeed great to be here at this time of the year. Here’s what you can do when you get here:

Explore the Gorgeous Beaches

Gorgeous Beaches.jpg

There are numerous beaches you could visit and engage in some adventurous water sports or simply enjoy a game of volleyball with your peers on the beach. And, you surely won’t be able to resist the delicious food offered at the beach shacks.

 Enjoy a Memorable Rocking New Year in Goa

Christmas and a Rocking New Year.jpeg

As the people celebrate in true Christmas spirit, you can take delight in the colourful decoration that adorns the beautiful churches and stores along the streets. Moreover, a New Year party at India’s party capital is definitely worth witnessing.

In Goa, local transport can be quite annoying sometimes, unless you are willing to rent a car or bike and explore the sights & sounds. This would not only save on costs, but would also give you the freedom to go wherever you want.

As thousands of tourists flock to this state, things get a little pricey around this time, especially accommodation. You might not get desirable hotels or prime locations to stay at. However, with a few hacks, you can make your trip an enjoyable one:

Always Book in Advance and Look for Packages

Since December-January is peak season in Goa, you will find a number of travel packages and deals available. Just grab one of these and save yourself from all the hassles. Don’t wait for last minute bookings as these offers run out quickly.

Staying at the Prime Location

If you don’t want to miss out on all the action, try and book accommodation either at a beach resort or at a luxury hotel near the beach. There are a lot of good deals and options for someone to live in Goa even if you are travelling with family and kids.

Go for All-Inclusive Deals

If you are travelling on a tight budget, you should opt for all-inclusive deals. This gives you a chance of getting the best hotels at great prices. Also, you can browse through some great itineraries for your vacation.

Another good option to select for your stay would be Hard Rock Hotel Goa. Read their reviews It has got some luxurious rooms with amazing amenities. Not just that, there are a number of events you can enjoy during your stay at the hotel. You get to be a part of the fascinating New Year Bash at the hotel as well. And after a long day, you can sit back and enjoy the luxurious services on offer and make the best of your vacation.